Welcome to CAN Advertising, a place where divergent thinking, smart marketing and creative drive come together to create customer journeys that go beyond the ordinary.

CAN Advertising – where possible starts.

We are an in-house marketing, consulting and advertising agency within Comtrade Group, specialized in IT-related projects for inside and outside clients. Our scope of activities covers diverse areas such as PR efforts, developing brand identity, creating advertising proposals for print and electronic media, taking advantage of innovative internet marketing formats including social networking and SEO, organizing events, nurishing corporate values and social responsibility, media buying, web development and basically anything else that our people can do, and our clients need.

We like to think in integrated and interactive terms. That means we understand our client’s communications as a coherent structure and try to allow the user to have two-way relations with all of its relevant parts.

We take technological and organizational improvements as challenges and do our best to stay on track with latest industry news and trends.

By maintaing a dynamic, goal-oriented model of creative work, we believe we can deliver maximum value and send a well-rounded message into the marketplace.